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Flexibility as the new normal for your company’s mobility plan

Trends, implementation and good practices
The standards for corporate mobility plans are forever evolving and so should you!
Would you like to know how you could implement flex-commuting for your employees?
Not sure how the legal frameworks work?
Interested in the financial and environmental consequences?

Our speakers

Sylvie Dumortier
Tax Counsel at Claeys & Engels
Aurélie Gillieaux
Head of Business Development at Skipr
Live webinar
22 June 10:00 AM CET
* Only 24 of the 100 places left!
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About the speaker

Bart de Hoog - CEO of Dragintra

Dragintra has been the leading specialist in fleet and mobility management across Europe for over 20 years.

Our philosophy is beautifully simple: successful companies put advanced fleet and mobility management at the heart of their operations. This ensures that goods get delivered on time and that employees, clients and business partners can reach their place of business quickly and easily. Because mobility is central to success.

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Join Tax Counsel, Sylvie Dumortier (Claeys & Engels) and Aurélie Gillieaux (Skipr) for an online conversation on how flexibility is key for the future of corporate mobility!

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