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Take the step in a smooth transition to sustainable mobility for your teams

Skipr is your mobility partner which combines an app to make intermodal travel easy, a mobility card to get access to any provider in the EU and a budget management platform into the first all-in-one mobility solution in Europe.

The Skipr mobile application and the Skipr platform showing the complete SAAS offer.
Industry leaders choose Skipr to manage their mobility

Bring your company to the next level!

Reduce your corporate CO2 emissions

80% of CO2 emissions are linked to our consumption of fossil fuels.

Take a concrete step to reduce your environmental footprint by implementing multimodal and sustainable mobility

Save hours and reduce your administrative costs

A company car is stationary 95% of the time

Simplify the administrative management of the mobility expenses by getting access to a centralised mobility management solution

Take care of the well-being of your teams

Employees spend over 174 hours a year in traffic jams to get to work

Expand the range of benefits to retain and attract employees by offering  attractive alternative to (company) cars

Seize the opportunity to translate your vision  into concrete actions!

Grab a (virtual) coffee with our mobility experts

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A happy Skipr employee

They absolutely ❤️ Skipr

Skipr is always listening to us, and the service is very pragmatic and concrete. We look forward to continuing to follow the evolution of this solution and to embark on a sustainable mobility partnership, in which everyone wins.
Damien Van der Stichele
Damien Van der Stichele
Director @ Carrefour Belgium
Skipr allows us to offer a modern and sustainable mobility solution to our employees, while reducing costs for the employer and increasing the employee's salary.
Gregoire de Hemptinne
Gregoire de Hemptinne
COO @ Shayp
We needed a partner that was as passionate about sustainability as we were, that was innovative and had a sense of purpose instead of just about making money. Skipr made sense price-wise and is extremely functional, but on top of that, they’re just good people.
Luc Hellemans
Luc Hellemans
CEO @ Lantis

Why set up your Mobility Plan with Skipr?

A map of the Skipr partners available near me showing different mobility alternatives to the car.

1. To reduce CO₂ emissions

and achieve your CSR goals

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The way employees travel to work or to customers is a major contributor to CO2 emissions. We will give you solutions to reduce your ecological footprint significantly.

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Encouraging your employees to travel differently can be difficult. We will accompagny you with clear indications on how to trigger this habit change.

2. To increase employee well-being

and keep them motivated

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Reducing your employees' commute time is a sure way to reduce stress and anxiety. We will offer you solutions to achieve this.

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Another way to keep your employees happy is to increase their benefits. Find out how you can achieve this through your mobility policy"

A list of mobility expenses that have been validated or not by the fleet manager.
Graph showing the usage of mobility over time and depicting the amount of CO2 saved

3. To reduce costs

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We will analyse your current situation and offer some concrete ideas to reduce and optimise tax costs related to the mobility of your employees.

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Managing the administration related to the mobility of your employees can be time consuming. We will give you tools to automate and simplify it.

The most complete mobility ecosystem for all your travels

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MaaS app

Plan, book and pay all of your trips directly within one application.

Budget management platform

Consult & manage all your company mobility. Analyse the usage and history with in depth reports.

Mobility payment card

Centralized European payment card for all additional mobility services (fuel, parking, rental cars...)

Get access to all travel options

Billy Bike
Blue Bike
De Lijn
Free 2 Move
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