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How Skipr implemented a new type of mobility for Lantis

Discover how you could implement a mobility budget in your company like Lantis did for al its employees by reading this detailed case study.

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The Skipr mobile application and the Skipr platform showing the complete SAAS offer.

Download the Lantis case study and discover how their internal mobility now looks like with Skipr.

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A map of the Skipr partners available near me showing different mobility alternatives to the car.

Discover how easy your admin could be

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Mobility budget, mobility expenses, ... all on one platform

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Leave the choice to your employees without adding any admin

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Direct integration with social secretaries

Learn how to make your company greener

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Easy implementation of the mobility budget

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Reduce your car park and make it greener

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Increase usage of sustainable mobility

A list of mobility expenses that have been validated or not by the fleet manager.

“When employees are happy to come to work, the company benefits from it. Sitting in traffic jams makes people unhappy and stressed. If you take care of your people’s well-being by minimising their commute, giving them flexibility and healthier ways to move around, your company will thrive.”

Luc Hellemans - CEO @ Lantis

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A clear look on the three mobility pillars

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First pillar

A greener car

The first pillar is available to switch from the company car to a greener les polluting car. Like a fully electric car, a hybrid car meeting specific restrictions or a low CO2 emitting car.
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Second pillar

Sustainable mobility

Budget not used in first pillar can be used in the second pillar. For soft mobility, like the purchase or lease of a (e)bike. But also shared transportation expenses (train, bus, tramway, shared bike, shared car, shared scooter, car rentals,...) and rent or interest expenses under specific conditions.
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Third pillar


Finally, at the end of the year, the unused mobility budget is paid out at 38.07% (fixed). This amount is exempt of traditional employer contribution and income taxes.

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