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Bring smart mobility to your employees in the region of Antwerp

Go for flexible and sustainable mobility with the support of
Slim Naar Antwerpen

The Skipr mobile application and the Skipr platform showing the complete SAAS offer.
Slim Naar Antwerpen

Skipr & Slim Naar Antwerpen join efforts to promote flexible and sustainable mobility to all companies in Antwerp.


Together, we want to facilitate the use of alternative mobility options.
The Skipr all-in-one mobilty solution makes it easy for both employees and employers to go for the smartest, fastest or greenest option.
Don't wait too long and enjoy the 50% discount thanks to Slim Naar Antwerpen's support.

3 reasons why you should go with Skipr for your employees in Antwerp


Save time and money in your admin

Simplify mobility mangement for everyone through automation and digtal processes.

Enjoy exclusive price cuts:
-50% on your subscription and up to 15€ extra mobility budget for your employees


Offer freedom of choice to your employees

Enjoy the wide offer in Antwerp:
public transport, shared bikes e-steps, invest in own (e-)bike or even use the Mobility Budget to pay your employees' rent.
Flexibility is a keystone for salary benefits.

Attract and retain the best talents with a complete solution.


Decrease your CO2 footprint and take part in your corporate culture

The way employees travel to work or to customers is a major contributor to CO2 emissions.

Offer sustainable alternatives to the company car

3 redenen om voor flexibel en duurzame mobiliteit te kiezen voor je werknemers in Antwerpen


About Olivia

She likes to come to the office on foot or by tram but likes to have a car to go on holiday.

Budget details
300 €

Rent a car for holydays and leftover cash

50 €

Transport pass

500 €

Housing costs

About Arthur

Arthur lives on the outskirts of Brussels. He has decided to combine cycling and travelling by train, which allows him to save 20 minutes on his journey while being more relaxed.

Budget details
450 €

Smaller and more ecological car

200 €

Transport pass

50 €

Maintenance and the purchase of accessories for his bike

About Emma

Emma is employed in a consulting firm. She works at home 12 days a month and only travels to clients' homes.

Budget details
50 €

Leftover cash

150 €

Shared scooters and bicycles or on public transport

400 €

Housing costs

Slim Naar Antwerpen

Skipr x Slim Naar Antwerpen offer



Enjoy an exclusive price reduction of 50% per active user


Earn up to 15€ monthly extra mobility budget with their expenses in Skipr.

Discover how the company Lantis (from Antwerp) has replaced all its company cars by proposing sustainable and flexible mobility to their employees through Skipr.

Industry leaders choose Skipr to manage their mobility