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Customer case

Wavestone chose for flexible mobility with Skipr

Read more on why the Belgian office of this international consultancy partnered up with Skipr for their mobility needs!
Why Wavestone felt like it was time to change their mobility policies
How their employees benefited from this new approach
What the implementation procedure entailed
How satisfying the results were!

Changing over to an innovative mobility policy and strategy, inherently implies rewriting your mobility policy and that was no different for Wavestone.

Read about their step-by-step transition

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The challenge

integrating a change in mobility and keeping their employees happy by optimising salary packages.


The starting point

the traditional way of commuting didn’t work anymore for Wavestone in 2021, it was neither practical nor sustainable.


The implementation

with Skipr they found a sustainable and flexible alternative that’s easy as pie.

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They share their satisfaction
“We are partnering with Skipr for their innovative and easy to use tool. We believe that using Skipr will trigger our employees to use alternative transportation means as much as possible.”
Corentin Decock

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