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Growing by joining forces

September 7, 2021
5 minutes

We just closed our series B funding! ALD joins us as shareholder with a 17% stake!

Growing by joining forces!

We are overly thrilled to announce that automotive giant ALD Automotive has decided to join forces with Skipr by means of a 17% share capital buy-in.

The complementary character of both organisations will enable parties to seize significant growth opportunities.  By combining consultancy services for mobility transformations with digital access to multimodal, flexible and sustainable mobility, this collaboration implies a strong step forward for both Skipr and ALD Automotive.

The main focus is on further developing the French and Belgian markets. As of 2023 a further European expansion is planned with the ambition of achieving implementation in all major European cities by 2025.

The time is right

With times rapidly changing, society rolled into a state of revolution. The pandemic that has had a grip on us for over 1.5 years, has also created an open mindset to change, introducing homeworking and altering our day-to-day activities, commutes and life perceptions in general.

Flexibility and sustainability have become more crucial than ever before and are what our lives need the most during the aftermath of a global crisis. 

Whether it’s

Flexibility as to how we split up our time, how we commute and how we work.


Sustainability as to the modes of transport we use and the way we do our jobs in general, being given the choice remains prevalent!

At Skipr, we have been striving for a new standard when it comes to sustainable and flexible corporate mobility for years now, aspiring to find that ideal work-life balance whilst greenifying our society. In order to be able to keep on expanding and growing we are more than thrilled to see that a good number of companies share our vision for the future.

With the drastically changed commuting policy due to the current pandemic, the time has never been better to look into changing corporate mobility for the better. 

We really do have momentum!

Don’t miss the boat and reach out to one of our mobility experts for more info.

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