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Top 10 tools to make lockdown life a little easier

May 29, 2020
5 min read
Tips, Mobility

#1 Kick your remote communication into high gear with Slack 💬

Slack is an internal chat tool that makes internal communication and collaboration easier. The idea is to replace internal email with “channels” for everyone involved with a topic so that nobody gets left out of the loop. At Skipr we’ve been into using this handy integrated tool for a while now, and it’s really helping our team stay connected remotely. Right now Slack teams carrying out Covid-19 relief efforts can get free upgrades to their paid plans by emailing to

#2 See some friendly faces with Zoom & Google Hangouts 👀

Of course we’re now all meeting remotely too, and thanks to free video-conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Hangouts we can get together to talk shop and get in some face time with our colleagues. At Skipr we kick off our day with a morning call on Zoom where we say hello to the team and touch on the day’s priorities. We may also make fun of people who are dressed up (but that’s more of a bonus).

A Skipr call using zoom

#3 Keep your dream team unified with Donut 🍩

The strongest teams are more than just a group of colleagues: they’re friends! Getting to know your workmates informally can really bring you together as a team. That’s why we love Donut, which randomly pairs teammates so they can grab a remote coffee or donut together and get to know each other better. The app integrates with Slack to help unify your remote team and keep people from getting lonely. Nonprofits and schools can use paid plans for free for 90 days by contacting

#4 Train your brain with free courses from LinkedIn and Moz 🧠

Are you also staying active on LinkedIn? While you’re waiting for business to pick back up again, why don’t you grab the opportunity to not only build your network, but also gather some new knowledge? LinkedIn is now offering 16 free learning courses to help people work remotely as well as courses for small businesses to navigate the impact of COVID-19. And what better time to boost your SEO skill set? Marketing software company Moz is also stepping up and offering its Moz Academy SEO courses with the promo code “wegotthis.”

#5 Sign & save documents in a snap thanks to Dropbox and HelloSign 📈

Dropbox helps you safely store and share documents and large files while we’re all working remotely. They also own HelloSign, which hooks you up with easy (legally binding) e-signatures: extra handy right now when we can’t shuffle papers back and forth, and it also saves us a lot of time. Right now both services are offering business subscriptions for free to nonprofits fighting COVID-19.

#6 Stay on top of things with Notion ⏰

Things can get pretty chaotic these days, which is why it’s good to have a tool to help organise our workflows.Notion helps us break down tasks and projects so we all know exactly where we are on each project and don’t get overwhelmed.

A Skipr notion page

#7 Boost your productivity with Toggl & Todoist 🚀

It’s not easy staying on task in the best of times, and it’s trickier than ever with whole families cooped up at home together. Toggl helps you track your productivity so you can identify unnecessary time leaks and plan better. Todoist keeps your to-do list organised to give you some peace of mind. That way you can do all the stuff you’re juggling better!

#8 Schedule seamlessly with Calendly 📆

This handy software helps you schedule meetings without sending emails back and forth. At Skipr we’re big fans because our clients can choose the time that suits them best themselves. During the corona crisis Calendly is offering free integration with videoconferencing services like Zoom. The company is also offering its premium plans for free to teams working to tackle the pandemic.

#9 Keep it zen with Headspace 🙏

Panicky clients, crazy kids, demanding dogs… it can all get a bit much sometimes. Once in a while you just need to breathe and let it all go. That’s where Headspace comes in, the world-famous app to help you meditate. Headspace is offering free resources to help us get through these chaotic times here.

#10 Use Skipr for essential travel 🚗

While we’re weathering the corona crisis, the safest thing to do is #stayhome. But if you (really, really, really) have to go out, you count on Skipr to get you on your way and back as efficiently as possible. We can also help you avoid busy hubs and crowded transport and take advantage of micro-mobility like shared bikes and scooters instead. Right now we’re offering a 20 euro credit to all medical staff to thank them for their hard work. Don’t forget to check out the adjustments our mobility partners have put in place either!

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