Get an exclusive 1 month trial on Skipr and offer the Green Mobility Challenge to your employees!

Flexible and sustainable mobility for home-work travels is the new must have.

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During the Mobility Week, Skipr offers you the possibility to test the Flex commuting solution at a very attractive price.


The 5 winning companies will be notified 

on september 6th by email.

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Free access to the full Skipr solution

The mobile app, the (virtual) mobility payment card and the web platform (value 200€)

50€ for each participant

A credit of 50€/participant to test and pay for all mobility options (train, metro, bike...) (You pay 25€/participant, they’ll get 50€ to spend)

CO2 report

A free CO2 report to measure and communicate your efforts to limit your CO2 emissions generated by mobility


"To try it is to adopt it!"

The best way to promote soft mobility and to incentivise your employees to move in a flexible and sustainable way is to give them the chance to try it and to collect their feedback.

This experience will allow your company to validate the interest of adopting new mobility habits for home-work trips.


20 employees of your company will have the chance to combine and test all the mobility options of their choice during one month to optimize their travel.

Sign up in order to win this exclusive Skipr trial for 20 employees at a very attractive price:

Pay €500

Get €1000 for your employees to spend on any mobility option

Let them experience the benefits of Flex Commuting

That’s not all….

Because we are convinced of the impact that our mobility can have on the environment, Skipr also offers you a CO2 report and/or a mobility consultancy workshop to measure the CO2 emissions during the challenge and to evaluate the mobility needs implement at your company.

Apply before September 6th!

Tell us your main motivations as a company to participate in the challenge and we will select 
5 lucky participants from the most motivated!

The 5 winning companies will be able to start their exciting Skipr experience during 
Mobility Week (16-22 September 2021) or at a later date by the end of 2021.