End of cash for car allowance: how to be ready by January 1st 2021?

From January 2021 on, Cash for Car won’t exist anymore. No panic, we've got your back!

Mobility budget is the right alternative:

° Avoid employee frustration
° Easily implement flexible and sustainable  mobility
° Offer various mobility solutions 
° Increase employee well-being

Don’t wait any longer, we can help you to be ready by January 1st.

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What is the mobility budget?

The mobility budget allows employees to exchange their company car or their right to a company car for a flexible private mobility budget. Once this budget is allocated to an employee, he/she has the freedom to spend it in 1, 2 or 3 pillars.

Company car
Greener car


Shared bike
Transport pass
Housing costs


Leftover cash
3 pillars in which you can spend all or part of your budget

Eco-friendly company car

Purchase an eco-friendly car which scores better in terms of CO2 emission and energy efficiency compared to the previous car.


Mobility expenses & housing costs

Spend your budget in mobility services such as public transportation, shared or rental services… they can even use it to pay for rent or  mortgage


Cash at favorable tax rate

All unspent amounts will be taxed at 38.07% with no social security contributions and given to employees.

How do they compute their budget?

Discover how they decide to spent their mobility budget

About Olivia

She likes to come to the office on foot or by tram but likes to have a car to go on holiday.

Budget details
300 €

Rent a car for holydays and leftover cash

50 €

Transport pass

500 €

Housing costs

About Arthur

Arthur lives on the outskirts of Brussels. He has decided to combine cycling and travelling by train, which allows him to save 20 minutes on his journey while being more relaxed.

Budget details
450 €

Smaller and more ecological car

200 €

Transport pass

50 €

Maintenance and the purchase of accessories for his bike

About Emma

Emma is employed in a consulting firm. She works at home 12 days a month and only travels to clients' homes.

Budget details
50 €

Leftover cash

150 €

Shared scooters and bicycles or on public transport

400 €

Housing costs

Why should you consider the mobility budget?


Increase purchasing power of your employees

Corporate social responsibility

Contribute to CO2 emissions reduction

War for talent

Stay competitive, innovative & attract new talents

Payroll flexibility

Offer greener, more flexible and fiscally attractive solutions

Benefits for people


Orange bullet point

Increase salary package flexibility

Orange bullet point

Attract and Retain talent

Orange bullet point

Budget neutral operation & better control over costs

Orange bullet point

Reduce your CO2 emission


Orange bullet point

Get access to a much broader mobility offering

Orange bullet point

Optimize their commute (eg. Save time and stress in traffic)

Orange bullet point

Empowered to make their own mobility choices

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Fiscally optimised mechanism

They trust us with their mobility budget, why not you?

Would you like to know how the Mobility budget could help your company decrease costs, lower CO2 emissions & boost your employee happiness?

Discover our free mobility assessment

Got questions? We have answers

How is the mobility budget taxed ?

We want more providers too! As we build our collaborations we'll bring more e-step, train, ride hailing and ride sharing providers, we just need to have long boring legal chats before.

How to set up the mobility budget?

We love that you want to try it out! The good news is that you can, right now. Yet you won't benefit from our payment and single invoicing, these features are only for VAT registered companies

Is the Mobility Budget for everyone?

Of course! As long as you have a VAT number, you're good to go.

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