skipr’s terms and conditions for b2b services

Deze algemene voorwaarden zijn in het Engels opgesteld. Indien u het Engels niet begrijpt, neemt u contact op met Skipr (via alvorens de applicatie ervan te aanvaarden om een vertaling of een verklaring in het Nederlands te krijgen. Door deze algemene voorwaarden te aanvaarden, verklaart u Engels en de inhoud van deze voorwaarden te begrijpen.Les présentes conditions générales sont établies en anglais. Si vous ne comprenez pas l’anglais, veuillez prendre contact avec Skipr (via avant d’en accepter l’application pour recevoir une traduction ou une explication en français. En acceptant les présentes conditions générales, vous déclarez comprendre l’anglais et le contenu des présentes conditions générales.These terms and conditions can be easily accessed on the Website as well as on the menu of the Application and can be easily downloaded in a PDF format from the Website. They are applicable from 1 8 October 2019 onwards and replace all previous terms and conditions.These terms and conditions shall apply to all Business Users, in addition to any general or special conditions applicable to any kind of product or service offered directly or indirectly on the Application, on the Website, per e-mail or per telephone as the case may be, including products and services offered by third parties and shall overrule any other terms and conditions that do not originate from Skipr. However, by accepting the application of these terms and conditions, the User expressly accepts the application of the terms and conditions of the service provider offering its services and/or products on the Application to that Business User pursuant to provision 10 below.

PREAMBLE:SKIPR SA/NV, a public limited liability company (“société anonyme” / “naamloze vennootschap”) organised and existing under the laws of Belgium, having its registered office at rue du Mail/Maliestraat 50, 1050 Brussels (Belgium), registered with the Register of Legal Entities of Brussels under undertaking number 0712.537.551 and available at (hereinafter referred to as “Skipr”), has developed a mobile application, called Skipr (the “Application”), which aims at offering its users a tool allowing them to search for multiple routes for a given travel, and to choose, book and proceed with the payment of the corresponding third parties’ mobility solutions, g. train, bus, taxi, bike, etc. (the “Mobility Services”), aggregated from services of different transportation service providers.In this context, Skipr wishes to enter into partnerships with different businesses as to enable those businesses to offer a new mobility tool to their staff members andThe person giving their consent to the application of these terms and conditions for B2B services  (the  “Terms  and  Conditions” or the “A   greement”) is an employer, or a legal representative of an employer, wishing to enter in such a partnership with Skipr as to enable (some of) their staff members or employees (the “Qualifying employees”) to use the Application and the Mobility Services offered thereon, at the expense of the employer (“you” or the “E   mployer”).In order to facilitate the payment of these Mobility Services through the Application, Skipr can also propose a prepaid payment card to (some of) the Qualifying employees (the “Card”), financed by theThe present terms and conditions constitute the commercial partnership agreement entered into between the employer and Skipr and setting out the terms and conditions thereof (the “Terms and Conditions” or the “Agreement”).If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions or their implementation or if you need support, please contact Skipr by email

article 1: definitions and interpretation
For the purposes of this Agreement, the terms used with capital letters shall have the following meaning:

the present agreement between Skipr and the Employer setting out the terms and conditions under which Skipr shall enable Qualifying employees to use the Application and to handle their respective Skipr Budget.

the mobility mobile application called Skipr, developed, maintained and managed by Skipr, which aims at offering to Qualifying employees a tool allowing them (i) to search for the multiple routes for a given travel, and to choose, book and proceed with the payment of the corresponding Mobility Services and means for all types of mobility solutions, e.g. train, bus, taxi, bike, etc., aggregated from services of different transportation service providers and (ii) to check the amount of their Skipr Budget and their usage thereof.

Business Day:                                  
a day (other than a Saturday or Sunday) when banks are open for normal business in Belgium.

Business Trip:                                  
any trip made by a Qualifying employee for business reasons.

a payment card emitted by Mastercard and issued by Treezor that can be provided to a Qualifying employee and used as detailed in Article 3.3.

Effective Date:                                  the effective date of this Agreement that is the date on which the Employer accepted these Terms and Conditions, said date being automatically saved in the informatic system of Skipr.Employer:                                         the person giving their consent to the application of this Agreement, being an employer wishing to enter in such a partnership with Skipr as to enable (some of) their Qualifying employees to use the Application and the Mobility Services offered thereon, and willing to pay for such use by their QualifyingCompany Ultimate Beneficial OwnerEvent of Force Majeure:                  an unforeseen event, which occurs after the signingof this Agreement and which is beyond the reasonable control of the affected Party, to the extent such an event prevents or delays the affected Party from fulfilling its obligations under this Agreement and the affected Party is not the direct or indirect cause of such an event and is unable to prevent or remove such an event at reasonable cost.Information:                                      all information, data, reports, intellectual property, know-how, process and trade secrets, in whatever form, provided by or on behalf of one Party to the other Party or information of one Party otherwise received by the other Party under or in connection with the Agreement, including the information relating to the Party and its businesses, operations, finances, planning, facilities, products, techniques and processes. For example but without limitation, the Information may include inventions, products, processes, technical methods, formulas, projects, developments, plans, research data, financial data, personal data, software, client listings, suppliers listings and any other data relating to clients or the knowledge of existence of clients or the prospects of the concerned Party (and its affiliated companies in the case of Skipr).Intellectual Property Rights: patents, utility models, designs (whether or notcapable of registration), chip topography rights, database rights and other like protection, copyrights, trademarks, trade names, trade dresses, trade secrets, inventions and/or any other industrial and/or intellectual property rights, and applications, divisions, continuations, renewals, re-exams and reissues thereof.Mobility Services:                            sustainable   means   of   transport   (“moyens   detransport durables” / “duurzame vervoermiddelen”) as referred to in Article 8, § 3 of the law of 17 March 2019 regarding the introduction of a mobility budget  and  defined in article 3, § 1, 8° of said law(with the exception of the means referred to in article 3, § 2 of said law), which can be booked on the Application or through the Card, it being understood that Skipr bears no responsibility for these means of transport provided by third parties.Party:                                                 Skipr and/or the Employer.Personal Trip:                                  any trip made by a Qualifying employee for personal reasons and any trip between their residence and their place of work.Qualifying employee:                      any natural person linked to the Employer by an inforce and not terminated employment contract who has been selected by the Employer, whose identity and driving license have been verified by the Employer, who has accepted Skipr’ terms and conditions and Skipr Card’ terms and conditions if applicable and who has accepted to be a part of the project described in this Agreement. Each Qualifying employee benefits from a Skipr Budget pursuant to an agreement entered into by said employee and the Employer as sole and only parties.Skipr Budget:                                   the periodic budget allocated by the Employer to each Qualifying employee to book and purchase Mobility Services on the Application. Three types of Skipr Budgets exist, as detailed in Appendix 3.InterpretationThe singular shall include the plural and viceWhere in this Agreement a French or Dutch term is given in italics or in italics and in brackets after an English term, and there is any inconsistency between the French or Dutch and the English, the meaning of the French or Dutch term shallThe words “shall use its best efforts” or “shall use its best endeavours” (or any similar expression or any derivation thereof) shall be construed as an “middelenverbintenis” / “obligation de moyen”.The words “include”, “including”, “includes” and all forms and derivations thereof shall mean including but not limitedThe titles and headings used in this Agreement are only inserted to facilitate the reading of this Agreement and do not express in any way the intended understanding of the Parties. They shall not be taken into account for the interpretation of this Agreement.Appendices to this Agreement are an integral part hereof, and any reference to this Agreement includes the Appendices and vice-versa.References to Articles and paragraphs in this Agreement are references to the Articles and paragraphs of this Agreement unless otherwiseEnglish language words used in this Agreement intend to describe Belgian legal concepts only and the consequences of the use of those words in English law or any other foreign law shall be article 2: purpose and scope of the agreementThe Agreement sets out the principles and modalities of the commercial partnership between the Parties, as well as the Parties’ respective rights and undertakings under said partnership.It is hereby acknowledged and accepted by the Parties that either Party may enter into similar arrangements and/or agreements with third parties, that no exclusivity is granted and that nothing in the Agreement shall limit either Party’s right for such cooperation with any third article 3: servicesPrincipleSkipr shall give access to the Application to the Qualifying employees and to a platform to the Employer. Each Qualifying employee shall have access to their own mobility budget and expenses (consolidated consumption list), it being understood that the synchronisation between the payments made by the means referred to in Article 3.5 and the Application can take several days. the Employer shall have access to aggregated information on a specificEach Qualifying employee can use any Mobility Service available on the Application at any time during the duration of this Agreement and pay such use with their Skipr Budget, it being understood that Skipr is not responsible for any Mobility Services operated by third parties.Depending on the choice made by the Employer to provide or not a payment card as detailed in Article 3.5, the Skipr Budget of each Qualifying employee shall be available only on the Application or, on the Application and on the CardRegistration and accountsthe Employer shall request all Qualifying employees to register with Skipr, it being understood that the Qualifying employees shall not be able to use their Skipr Budget on the Application before being validlyThe registration may require each Qualifying employee to provide some personal data, necessary to create user accounts on the Application. Said personal data shall be processed pursuant to Skipr cookie and privacy policy, available on the Application and on Skipr’sAs of the Effective Date, at the latest five (5) Business Days after the registration process has been completed by all Qualifying employees, Skipr shall create user accounts for said Qualifying employees, enabling them to use the Application. Further registration by a new Qualifying employee shall in principle be done instantaneously or, at the latest, five (5) Business Days after the registration process has been completed by said Qualifying employee.All Qualifying employees wishing to use the Application shall be deemed to have accepted Skipr’s terms and conditions and privacy and cookie policy upon first use of the Application on their respective smartphones orAll Qualifying employees wishing to use a Card shall be deemed having accepted Skipr Card’s terms and conditions upon first use of theSkipr BudgetEach Qualifying employee is allocated a Skipr Budget as decided solely by their Employer and the amount and the type (as detailed in Appendix 3) thereof is communicated to Skipr at the same time as the procedure referred to in Article The Application can be used to handle a mobility budget as defined by the law of 17 March 2019 regarding the introduction of a mobility budget and a fixed yearly maximum budget can be determined for each Qualifying employee, it being understood that Skipr does not interfere with, is not affected by and does not bear any responsibility in relation with the relationship between the Employer and its employees regarding the determination of each personal mobility budget, its terms and conditions, and its compliance with the law and in particular tax and social legislation in relation with the mobility budget. As such and where applicable, the Employer is the sole responsible to ensure that its Qualifying employees are entitled to a mobility budget under the terms of the law of 17 March 2019 regarding the introduction of a mobility budget. If the Application is used for business travels only, the Employer is the sole responsible to ensure that its Qualifying employees are aware of said use.3.3.3. Should a Qualifying employee benefit from different types of budget at the same time, every trip shall be classified as a Personal Trip or as a Business Trip, it being understood that only Personal Trips bookings are deduced from said Qualifying employee Skipr Budget and that it is the Qualifying employee classifying their own bookings, without Skipr being able to change said qualification.ModificationsThe Employer can modify directly on a platform or, should it not be available, can request Skipr, at any time, tomodify the Skipr Budget or the fixed maximum budget mentioned, as the case may be, on the Application, for each Qualifying employee;grant access to the Application for a new Qualifying employee; orremove access to the Application for an existing QualifyingWhen requesting access to the Application for a new Qualifying employee, the Employer shall at the same time provide Skipr with the amount of the Skipr Budget to be set and shall request the new Qualifying employee to register on theShould a modification pursuant to this Article not be possible, Skipr shall explain the reasons of the impossibility to access the Employer’s request, as the case may be, and both Parties undertake to negotiate in good faith to implement the modification or a reasonable equivalent as soon asPayment cardsThe Employer can request, at any time, a payment card (virtual or physical) for all or some of its Qualifying employees (a “Card”). Skipr undertakes to answer said request within fifteen (15) Business Days, should it be materially possible. Skipr shall explain the reasons for the impossibility to access the Employer’s request, as the case mayEach Card is personal to each Qualifying employee and can only be used by said Qualifying employee in accordance with the Skipr Card terms andEach Card can only be used to pay for MobilityThe funds are loaded on the prepaid Card by Skipr based on the balance of the Qualifying employee’s Skipr Budget and as periodically prepaid by the Employer, it being understood that no funds shall be loaded on a Card without having first being transferred by the Employer toAny expense made with the Card by a Qualifying employee will be deducted from the Qualifying employee’s Skipr Budget should said expense be made for a PersonalQualifying employees can use the Card up to the remaining balance in their respective Skipr Budget for Personal Trips and up to the maximum specified as the case may be by the Employer for Business Trips. The Employer is solely responsible for specifying to each of its employees how and under which conditions the Card may be used. Skipr assumes no liability for misuse of the Card or for any expenses that are done outside of the scope agreed upon between the Qualifying employee and the Employer, including any use contrary to the arrangement between the Employer and any of its Qualifyingthe Employer shall communicate to Skipr upon its request all the information related to the Employer and/or its Qualifying employees, when such information is necessary or useful to enable Skipr to comply with its contractual and legal obligations in relation with the Cards.The Parties acknowledge and accept that the Cards are issued by a certified third party and that Skipr shall only act as an agent of said third party in relation with the Cards, it being understood that the Employer shall communicate directly with Skipr in relation with the Cards.NMBS/SNCB ISAAs per request of the NMBS/SNCB, the Employer confirms the ISA conditions of the NMBS/SNCB to enable its Qualifying employees to use NMBS/SNCB services on the Application, as detailed in the form attached as Appendix 1 to this Agreement. article 4: independence Each Party is operating, and will continue to operate, on its own behalf, in its own name, with its own trade name, for its own account and at its own risks and nothing in the Agreement is intended or shall be construed to authorize either Party to create or assume any liability or indebtedness of any kind in the name of or on behalf of the other Party or to act for or be responsible for the performance of the other Party in any manner whatsoever. article 5: collaboration between the parties Each Party undertakes to collaborate in good faith with the other with a view to the proper performance of theEach Party shall provide the other with the necessary information to enable the proper performance of the Agreement and shall provide support ifSkipr shall not be responsible for any obligation existing between the Employer and itsSkipr shall provide access to statistical reports to enable the Employer to monitor the use of the Mobility Services by Qualifying article 6: price and payment termsSkipr shall send the Employer a monthly invoice corresponding to the amount to be paid by the Employer pursuant to thisThe total amount of each monthly invoice includes:the monthly fixed fees detailed in Appendix 2;the total amount of newly accredited monthly Skipr Budgets for Qualifying employees or booked Mobility Services of Qualifying employees, depending on the type of Skipr Budgets chosen, as detailed in Appendix 3.All prices are VATInvoices are paid by the Employer within thirty (30)Any amount not paid within the contractually agreed time limits, which may be extended by mutual written agreement between the Parties, will bear interest at two (2) times the statutory interest rate until payment of such unpaid amount. Should the Employer be in a situation of late payment, it will automatically owe Skipr a flat-rate compensation for costs of collection, the amount of which is fixed in accordance with the Law of 2 August 2002 on combating late payment in commercial transactions and itsShould there be a disagreement on the amount of any invoice, the Parties shall work together in good faith to settle it. The monthly reports attached to the monthly invoices shall prevail unless the Employer can prove that a mistake has been made within ten (10) days following the reception of said reports. After such period, every monthly report shall be definitive.Should the Skipr Budget be entirely used on any given period, Skipr shall block any further booking by the concerned Qualifying employee who retains the possibility to book a Mobility Service on their own which is not included within the Skipr Budget or to pay for business trips. At the end of each year, should there be some expenses incurred by a Qualifying employee which exceed said Qualifying employee Skipr Budget, these shall be invoiced to the Employer by Skipr, it being understood that Skipr bears no responsibility for the relations between the Employer and its Qualifying employees relating thereto and that the Employer undertakes to pay said expenses to article 7: warrantiesWithout prejudice to Article 11, the Employer warrants that:it shall make its best efforts to perform its obligations under the Agreement in a timely and diligent manner and with professional diligence, skill, prudence and foresight and in compliance with the requirements of the Agreement;it shall make its best efforts to comply at any time with any relevant Belgian, European or international applicable legislation or regulation whatsoever for the performance of the Agreement, and notably the provisions of any legislation relating to personal data protection, applicable to the performance of the Agreement; andit has the right to perform its obligations under the Agreement and to grant Skipr the rights set forth in the article 8: confidentialityWithout prejudice to Article 10, neither Party shall disclose to third parties and/or use any received Information, including pieces of Information received prior to the signing of the Agreement – whether or not it was governed by a previously entered into specific non-disclosure agreement – without the prior written permission of the other Party, except to its affiliates, subcontractors, suppliers, agents and advisors working on the execution of the Agreement on a need to know basis, provided that such third parties are bound by confidentiality obligations similar to those contained in theEach Party shall only use any Information whatsoever for the strict purpose of executing its obligations under thisInformation (as defined) shall not, however, include information which the Party can establish:is in the public domain at the time of disclosure or later becomes part of the public domain without breach by the Party of the confidentiality obligations contained herein; orwas rightfully in the possession of the Party prior to disclosure hereunder and is not subject to confidentiality obligations between the Parties; orwas or is disclosed to the Party by a third party who is not, to the best of Party’s knowledge, bound by any obligation of confidentiality to the other Party; orwas or is independently developed by the Party without use or reference to the Information.A Party shall have the right to disclose Information of the other Party in accordance with a judicial or other governmental order but shall inform the other Party prior toEach Party shall use appropriate efforts no less restrictive than used for the Party’s protection of its own confidential and trade secret information, but, in any event no less than reasonable efforts, to safeguard the Information of the other Party and keep itEach Party shall return or destroy upon written request of the Party owning the Information all material embodying Information of the other Party that is subject to confidentiality obligations under the Agreement, including all copies of any kind. However, the Party receiving request may retain such Information that is required by mandatory laws or to perform its obligations under the Agreement subject to all confidentiality obligationsThis Article shall survive the end of this Agreement for a period of five (5) article 9: personal dataThe processing of personal data of Qualifying employees or any other natural person implicated in the performance of this Agreement shall be done in compliance with Skipr privacy and cookie policy, available on Skipr website and on the Application, and, as the case may be, with article 8 of the Royal Decree of 21 March 2019 implementing the law of 17March 2019 regarding the introduction of a mobility budget and with articles 3, 8 and 10 of the Royal Decree of 21 March 2019 implementing said law.Skipr shall act as the controller of all personal data transferred pursuant to this Agreement except in relation with the Cards for which Skipr shall act as a processor of the third party provider who shall be the article 10: intellectual property rights and marketingAll right, title and interest in and to all Information and to all Intellectual Property Rights, whether or not specifically recognized or protected under applicable law, shall worldwide and in perpetuity vest in and be the sole and exclusive property of the Party owning it on the Effective Date and of the Party creating it after the Effective Date, as the case mayUnder no circumstances shall the Agreement involve a transfer of Intellectual Property Rights between the Parties. Any Intellectual Property Right announced or created during the duration of the Agreement shall remain the sole ownership of the Party responsible for the announcement of the creationEach Party can use the trademark(s), trade name(s) and logos of the other Party for marketing and communication purposes relating to the Agreement, provided that said use is not able to harm in any way whatsoever the image and commercial reputation of the other Party or the Application and can, in its own name and on its own behalf, make publicity on, press release of and reference to the existence of the Agreement and the nature of the cooperation between the Parties. Said use and communications can be realised without a prior written approval of the other Party to the extent it is done without disclosure of the details regarding the Agreement or the execution thereof and without impair public order and morals and the commercial reputation of the otherEach Party can request the other Party to stop any use or communication that is, in its reasonable opinion, contrary to the article 11: responsibilityEach Party shall defend, indemnify and hold the other Party and its affiliates harmless from any and all liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses (including without limitation attorneys’ fees) which arise from the breach of its warranties under the Agreement or from any wrongful execution of theNeither Party shall under any circumstances be liable for any indirect damages, expenses, costs or other losses incurred by the other Party or its affiliate(s) arising under or in connection with theSkipr shall not be liable for any Event of Force Majeure or any technical problem that might arise and the consequences thereof, the variation of the Mobility Services displayed on the Application, the modification of prices decided by third parties Mobility Services providers or the impossibility to access the Mobility Services for any reason. Furthermore, Skipr shall in no case whatsoever be liable for any damages, expenses, costs or other losses resulting from the actions or omissions of third parties involved in the execution of this Agreement.The Employer undertakes to hold Skipr and its affiliates harmless from any and all liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses (including without limitation attorneys’ fees) which arise from the actions or omissions of its Qualifying employees or from a failure to properly select QualifyingThe liability of Skipr under the Agreement shall in any event be limited to the maximum amount between (i) the amount provided by the applicable insurance to cover the liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses in such case or (ii) 5% of the yearly Agreement value per incident causing damage to the Employer or its QualifyingAny limitation of liability provided in this Article shall not apply to breaches of Article 8, to the liability mentioned in Article 11.4 or in cases of intentional misconduct or gross negligence by the defaulting Party, committed in relation with the performance of this Agreement. article 12: term and terminationWithout prejudice to Article 12.2, this Agreement shall become effective on the Effective Date and shall remain in force for a period of 12 months starting on the Effective Date.This Agreement shall be renewed automatically for succeeding terms equal to the term specified in Article 12.1 and under the same conditions unless either Party gives written notice to the other Party at the latest thirty (30) days after the anniversary date of the Effective Date, it being understood that the Agreement shall only be terminated on the anniversary date of the Effective Date, should the written notice be given at least thirty (30) days prior to said anniversary date, or shall be terminated thirty (30) days after the reception of the written notice of the other Party. tThis Agreement may be terminated with immediate effect by written notice by the non-defaulting Party, without incurring any liability and without prejudice to the right of indemnification of the non-defaulting Party, in the event that (i) the other Party commits a material breach and fails to remedy such breach within ten (10) Business Days after having been given written notice in respect thereof; or (ii) the other Party is declared bankrupt, is dissolved, or goes or is put into liquidation (otherwise than solely for the purpose of amalgamation or reconstruction) or if a receiver is appointed over any part of such other Party’s business or if any event occurs which under the laws of any jurisdiction has a similar or analogous effect to any of the above events; or (iii) as otherwise set forth in this Agreement.Termination of this Agreement shall be without prejudice to the rights and obligations of the Parties which have accrued up to the date of article 13: miscellaneous Entire Agreement and general terms and conditionsThe Agreement forms the entire agreement between the Parties relating to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior communications, written or oral, between the Parties, including without limitation any prior non-disclosure agreement between the Parties.All amendments and modifications to the Agreement shall be made by a written document signed by both Parties.General conditions and/or any other standard documentation of either Party have been taken into consideration and, as such, shall not bind the other Party in case of inconsistency or conflict with the Agreement unless incorporated by mutual written agreement as part of the Agreement. Skipr’s terms and conditions, Card terms and conditions and cookie and privacy policy shall however apply to the Qualifying employees and, as the case may be, to the Employer.Assignment and TransferNo Party shall be entitled to assign or transfer all or any of its rights, benefits and obligations under the Agreement without the prior written consent of the other Party, except to a successor of all or substantially all of the assets of such Party if the successor expressly assumes in writing the terms, conditions and obligations of said Party hereunder and warns the other Party in writing.Subject to the foregoing, the Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the Parties and their respective successors and permitted assigns. Any attempted assignment other than in strict compliance with this clause shall be void.NoticesAny notice in connection with this Agreement must be in writing and shall be considered validly given when it is given, for the Employer, to the email or postal addresses given by the Employer (or its legal representative) upon registration to Skipr, and for Skipr, to the email or postal addresses specified in the preamble of this Agreement (or to any other addressee or address that a Party may notify to the other in accordance with what is provided in this Article) if:delivered by hand (with written confirmation or acknowledgement of receipt); orsent by registered mail or by an internationally recognised courier company; orsent by email (with acknowledgement of receipt).Any notice shall be effective upon receipt and shall be deemed to have been received:at the time of delivery, if delivered by hand or by a courier company;at the moment of the acknowledgement of receipt, if sent by email; oron the first business day following the date of sending (mentioned on the receipt) if sent by registeredSeverabilityIf one or several provisions of the Agreement shall be held to be void, illegal, or unenforceable, this nullity, illegality or unenforceability shall not affect the validity, the legality or the enforceability of the other provisions, except if the provisions held to be void, illegal or unenforceable affected the object of the Agreement. Each Party shall negotiate diligently and in good faith a valid provision replacing the void, illegal or unenforceable provision.WaiverThe default or the delay of a Party to avail itself of a right or a faculty given by the Agreement or a breach of the other Party cannot, in any case, be considered as or have the effect of a definitive waiver of that Party to avail itself of that right or that breach subsequently.Applicable law and disputesThe Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Belgium.Every dispute related to the conclusion, the validity, the interpretation or the performance of the Agreement, or of contracts or subsequent transactions that might result from it, as well as any other dispute concerning, or related to, the Agreement, with no exception, will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels.AppendicesThe following Appendices are attached to this Agreement and form an integral part herewith: Appendix 1 – NMBS ISA;Appendix 2 – Commission fees chart; Appendix 3 – Types of Skipr Budgets.appendix 1 – nmbs isa

NATIONALE MAATSCHAPPIJ DER BELGISCHE SPOORWEGEN OVEREENKOMST BETREFFENDE DE INDIRECTE VERKOOP VIA EEN MULTIMOBILITEITSPROVIDEROrganismenummer voor indirecte verkoop: gegeven door NMBSHierna de ‘Overeenkomst’ genoemdTussen enerzijds: de werkgever/Employer, zoals gedefinieerd in de overeenkomst/Agreement met SkiprHierna genoemd ‘ContractantEn anderzijds: De Nationale Maatschappij der Belgische Spoorwegen, naamloze vennootschap van publiek recht, met ondernemingsnummer 0203.430.576 en met maatschappelijke zetel te 1060 Brussel, Frankrijkstraat 56Hierna genoemd ‘NMBS’Hierna afzonderlijk ‘Partij’ en gezamenlijk ‘Partijen’ genoemd.VOORWOORDSteeds meer ondernemingen maken voor het vervoer van hun Personeel gebruik van de diensten van een Multimobiliteitsprovider. Deze laatste biedt een Platform voor Multimodale Mobiliteit aan waarop verschillende vervoersmodi zijn geïntegreerd, waaronder het treinvervoer van NMBS.De Multimobiliteitsprovider verkoopt via zijn Platform voor Multimodale Mobiliteit onder meer Producten van NMBS, in naam en voor rekening van NMBS.Om toegang te krijgen tot de Producten van NMBS op dit Platform, moet een onderneming eerst een toegangssleutel verkrijgen van NMBS in de vorm van een uniek Organismenummer.Door ondertekening van deze Overeenkomst, verkrijgt de Contractant het nodige Organismenummer, vermeld op het voorblad van deze Overeenkomst, dat geldig is bij alle door NMBS erkende Multimobiliteitsproviders.Werd overeengekomen wat volgt:Artikel 1           DefinitiesTen behoeve van deze Overeenkomst, wordt gespecifieerd dat:‘Contractant’: de onderneming of de zelfstandige die beschikt over een ondernemingsnummer, evenals de publieke rechtspersoon of vereniging, die een contract wenst af te sluiten met een door NMBS erkende Multimobiliteitsprovider of met één van haar Partners, zodat haar Personeel toegang krijgt tot diens Platform voor Multimodale Mobiliteit waarop verschillende vervoersmodi zijn geïntegreerd, waaronder de Producten van NMBS.‘Indirecte Verkoop’: de verkoop die indirect tot stand komt tussen NMBS en de Contractant, wanneer deze laatste via haar Personeel een Vervoersbewijs van NMBS aankoopt via het Platform van de Multimobiliteitsprovider, en waaruit de in deze Overeenkomst vermelde rechten en plichten voortvloeien.‘Multimobiliteitsprovider’: de vennootschap die een Platform voor Multimodale Mobiliteit aanbiedt dat verschillende vervoersmodi integreert, waaronder het openbaar treinvervoer van NMBS. De Multimobiliteitsprovider verkoopt via zijn Platform in naam en voor rekening van NMBS, de Producten van NMBS.‘Organismenummer voor Indirecte Verkoop’, hierna ‘Organismenummer’: verwijst naar het contractnummer bestaande uit vier alfanumerieke tekens, dat op het voorblad van deze Overeenkomst is vermeld. Het Organismenummer is uniek en vormt de toegangssleutel tot de Producten van NMBS op het Platform van de Multimobiliteitsprovider. Dit Organismenummer is geldig bij elke door NMBS erkende Multimobiliteitsprovider en dient door de Contractant voorafgaandelijk aan de sluiting van het contract met de Multimobiliteitsprovider te worden meegedeeld aan deze laatste.‘Partner(s) van de Multimobiliteitsprovider’: de commerciële partner van de Multimobiliteitsprovider die het gebruik van het Platform van de Multimobiliteitsprovider aan Contractant ter beschikking stelt en die voorafgaand door NMBS goedgekeurd werd.‘Personeel’: verwijst naar werknemers, vertegenwoordigers, directeurs, consultants en/of medewerkers die van de Contractant het recht hebben verworven om als Reiziger het Platform van de Multimobiliteitsprovider te gebruiken.‘Platform voor Multimodale Mobiliteit’, hierna ‘Platform’: de systemen, de servers, de databases en mobiele applicaties of website van de Multimobiliteitsprovider, waarop verschillende vervoersmodi worden verkocht, waaronder Vervoersbewijzen van NMBS, en waarop andere vervoersgerelateerde diensten en producten worden aangeboden.‘Product’: de producten die NMBS in het kader van een distributieovereenkomst aan de Multimobiliteitsprovider ter beschikking stelt om via diens Platform voor Multimodale Mobiliteit verkocht te worden. De Producten worden uitsluitend afgeleverd onder de vorm van een digitaal en gedematerialiseerd Vervoersbewijs (“Mobile Ticket”).‘Reiziger’: verwijst naar elke persoon die reist met een via de Multimobiliteitsprovider aangekocht Vervoersbewijs. ‘Vervoersbewijs’: het digitaal en gedematerialiseerd vervoersbewijs van NMBS (“Mobile Ticket”), dat de betekenis heeft die eraan gegeven wordt in artikel 7 van Appendix A – Uniforme regelen betreffende de overeenkomst voor internationaal vervoer van reizigers en bagage (CIV) volgens het Verdrag betreffende het internationale spoorwegvervoer (COTIF) van 9 mei 1980, zoals gewijzigd op 3 juni 1999 en in de Verordening 1371/2007 betreffende de rechten en verplichtingen van reizigers in het treinverkeer.‘Vervoersvoorwaarden van NMBS’: de algemene en de bijzondere vervoersvoorwaarden van NMBS die via de website van NMBS vrij raadpleegbaar zijn.Artikel 2           Voorwerp van de overeenkomstDoor deze Overeenkomst te ondertekenen en tijdens de duur van de Overeenkomst zoals bepaald in Artikel 9 verwerft de Contractant het recht op toegang tot de Producten van NMBS op het Platform van een Multimobiliteitsprovider, door het verkrijgen van een uniek Organismenummer dat vermeld wordt op het voorblad van deze Overeenkomst.De Contractant aanvaardt de rechten en plichten zoals bepaald in Artikel 3, die voortvloeien uit de Indirecte Verkoop die tot stand komt tussen NMBS en de Contractant.Artikel 3           Rechten en plichten van de PartijenOnverminderd het recht van de Contractant om een rechtstreekse koopovereenkomst met NMBS af te sluiten, is de Contractant vrij een overeenkomst af te sluiten met één of meerdere door NMBS erkendeDe Contractant zal NMBS onmiddellijk informeren wanneer de samenwerking met één of meerdere Multimobiliteitsproviders beëindigd wordt. In dergelijk geval behoudt de Contractant het recht om een rechtstreekse koopovereenkomst met NMBS af teHet afsluiten van deze Overeenkomst vormt geen garantie ten aanzien van de Contractant tot het afsluiten van een contract tussen de Contractant en eenNMBS behoudt zich het recht voor om de samenwerking met een Multimobiliteitsprovider of één van haar Partners conform de tussen hen geldende contractuele stop teHet Organismenummer, vermeld op het voorblad van deze Overeenkomst, vormt de toegangssleutel tot de Producten van NMBS op het Platform van de Multimobiliteitsprovider en dient door de Contractant voorafgaandelijk aan de sluiting van het contract met de Multimobiliteitsprovider te worden meegedeeld aan dezeDe Contractant erkent en aanvaardt de Vervoersvoorwaarden van NMBS, die onder meer bepalen dat: het Personeel, bij de aankoop van een Vervoersbewijs via het Platform van de Multimobiliteitsprovider, de volgende gegevens dient mee te delen: naam, voornaam, geboortedatum en e-mailadres van deenkel de Reiziger eventuele rechten op vergoeding ten aanzien van NMBS zal kunnen doen gelden in geval van treinvertraging of afgeschafte treinen, met uitsluiting van ieder andere betrokkene bij de distributie van Vervoersbewijzen en dit met inbegrip van de Contractant zelf of van de het geval de reis bestaat uit verschillende trajecten waarbij elk traject verzekerd wordt door een aparte vervoerder, ongeacht of verschillende keren hetzelfde vervoermiddel (trein + trein) of verschillende vervoermiddelen (trein + bus/tram/metro/andere) gebruikt worden door de Reiziger, elke vervoerovereenkomst juridisch op een autonome manier wordt behandeld en elke vervoerder slechts aansprakelijk zal zijn ten aanzien van de Reiziger voor het deel van de reis dat hij op zich heeft genomen. De identiteit van de uitgever of de verdeler van het vervoerbewijs heeft hierbij geen enkele invloed.het Vervoersbewijs is in regel niet omwisselbaar, nochIn afwijking van deze Vervoersvoorwaarden kunnen volgende gevallen aanleiding geven tot annulatie of terugbetaling:dubbel bestelde Vervoersbewijzen als gevolg van technische haperingen aan het verkoopsysteem van NMBSin geval van aangekondigde algemene staking: vóór de aankondiging van de staking bestelde VervoersbewijzenIn deze gevallen rekent NMBS geen administratiekosten aan. De annulatie geschiedt via eenvoudig verzoek door de Multimobiliteitsprovider.De Contractant verbindt zich ertoe zijn Personeel, dat houder is van een Vervoersbewijs van NMBS, te wijzen op het bestaan van de Vervoersvoorwaarden van NMBS die door het Personeel geconsulteerd kunnen worden op de website van NMBS ( en in haar bemande verkooppunten en er zich van te vergewissen dat zij van deze voorwaarden kennis hebben genomen of minstens hebben kunnen nemen.De Contractant neemt kennis van het feit dat NMBS niet verantwoordelijk is voor de door de Multimobiliteitsprovider foutief geleverdeVoor vragen of klachten in verband met de dienstverlening die op het Platform van de Multimobiliteitsprovider wordt geleverd, zal de Contractant zich rechtstreeks wenden tot de Multimobiliteitsprovider.Hieronder dient te worden begrepen: informatieverstrekking over de Producten, de dienstregelingen, de gebruiksvoorwaarden en andere informatie die strikt noodzakelijk kan zijn voor de Multimobiliteitsprovider om een Product te visualiseren en te reserveren, informatieverstrekking over het Platform, ondersteuning bij het aankopen, ondersteuning bij technische problemen,…Artikel 4           AansprakelijkheidDe Contractant erkent en aanvaardt dat het uitsluitende voorwerp van deze Overeenkomst er in bestaat om de Contractant het recht te verstrekken op toegang tot de Producten van NMBS op het Platform van de Multimobiliteitsprovider.NMBS sluit uitdrukkelijk alle aansprakelijkheid uit betreffende diensten en/of producten die niet specifiek het voorwerp uitmaken van deze Overeenkomst zoals beschreven in Artikel 2 van deze Overeenkomst.De Contractant waarborgt ten aanzien van NMBS dat de leden van haar Personeel de verbintenissen en verplichtingen, voorzien in de bepalingen van deze Overeenkomst, naleven en er voldoende van op de hoogte zijn gebracht. De Contractant wordt persoonlijk verantwoordelijk gesteld voor elk misbruik door het Personeel van alle verplichtingen voorzien in deze Overeenkomst.Ongeacht enig andersluidend beding en onverminderd alle andere rechten op grond van deze Overeenkomst of van het toepasselijke recht, behoudt NMBS zich het recht voor om een vergoeding te vorderen voor elke schade die zij geleden heeft als gevolg van een misbruik van of tekortkoming begaan door de Contractant of door zijn Personeel aan één van de bepalingen van deze Overeenkomst.Artikel 5           B2B KlantendienstElke wijziging van gegevens (onderneming, contactpersonen, administratieve, …) moet verplicht schriftelijk en onverwijld meegedeeld worden aan:NMBS NV van publiek recht Business Center 10-14 B-MS.112Hallepoortlaan 40 – 1060 BrusselTel: 02/528 25 28E-mail: business@b-rail.beVoor vragen of klachten in verband met de uitvoering van deze Overeenkomst kan de Contractant eveneens terecht op bovenstaand adres, e-mailadres of telefoonnummer.NMBS heeft het recht om haar contactgegevens te wijzigen. In dat geval geeft NMBS minstens één week op voorhand schriftelijk kennis van haar nieuwe contactgegevens.Artikel 6           VertrouwelijkheidElke Partij verbindt zich ertoe de inhoud van de Overeenkomst en alle uitgewisselde of ontvangen informatie krachtens de Overeenkomst of in het kader ervan vertrouwelijk te behandelen en de vertrouwelijke informatie niet aan een derde te onthullen zonder voorafgaande schriftelijke toestemming van de andere Partij.De confidentialiteitsverplichting blijft van kracht tot er een periode van twee (2) jaar verstreken is na de beëindiging van de Overeenkomst.De confidentialiteitsverplichting geldt niet:wanneer de vertrouwelijke informatie medegedeeld moet worden krachtens een rechterlijk bevel of krachtens een dwingende wettelijke bepaling;wanneer de informatie gemakkelijk of normaal toegankelijk of beschikbaar is voor het publiek (zonder dat de beschikbaarheid mogelijk is gemaakt door een fout of nalatigheid van een van de Partijen);wanneer het mededelen door een van de Partijen onmisbaar is om technische of veiligheidsredenen of het mededelen noodzakelijk is voor de correcte uitvoering van de Overeenkomst, op voorwaarde dat de bestemmeling(en) ervan gebonden is/zijn door regels die gelijkaardig zijn met de in de Overeenkomst beschreven confidentialiteitsverplichting wanneer de informatie wordt medegedeeld in het kader van een gerechtelijke of arbitrale procedure.De Partijen verbinden zich ertoe de nodige maatregelen te nemen om deze confidentialiteitsverbintenissen in acht te laten nemen door hun werknemers, vertegenwoordigers, directeurs, consultants, medewerkers en uitvoeringsagenten.Indien de vertrouwelijke informatie openbaar dient te worden gemaakt of ter beschikking van derden dient te worden gesteld op grond van wettelijke voorschriften of op rechterlijk bevel, dient de openbaarmakende Partij de Partij van wie zij de vertrouwelijke informatie bekendmaakt daarvan onmiddellijk en schriftelijk in kennis te stellen. Artikel 7           PrivacyIn het kader van hun contractuele relaties, verbinden Partijen zich ertoe om de van kracht zijnde wetgeving die van toepassing is op de verwerking van persoonsgegevens en, meer bepaald, de verordening 2016/679 van het Europees Parlement en de Raad van 27 april 2016 betreffende de bescherming van natuurlijke personen in verband met de verwerking van de persoonsgegevens die op 25 mei 2018 volledige uitvoering krijgt, na te leven. Daarnaast, behandelt de NMBS de persoonsgegevens van de reizigers in overeenstemming met haar privacy policy (beschikbaar         op        de                                                volgende           link: vermeldingen/privacy.aspx).

Artikel 8          
Het is de Contractant niet toegestaan de Overeenkomst of de rechten en verplichtingen die eruit voortvloeien over te dragen aan een derde zonder de voorafgaande schriftelijke toestemming van NMBS.

Artikel 9          
Duurtijd en opzegging
Deze Overeenkomst gaat in op de “Effective Date” van de overeenkomst/”Agreement” tussen Skipr en de Contractant en is van onbepaalde duur.Deze    Overeenkomst    eindigt    zodra    de    distributieovereenkomst    tussen    NMBS    en    de Multimobiliteitsprovider beëindigd wordt op grond van één van onderstaande redenen:Indien NMBS hetzij de Multimobiliteitsprovider de distributieovereenkomst beëindigt mits objectieve gemotiveerde en gegronde redenen en mits inachtneming van een opzeggingstermijn van één maand gedurende het eerste jaar, twee maanden gedurende het tweede jaar en drie maanden gedurende het derde jaar van deIndien de distributieovereenkomst onmiddellijk wordt beëindigd, zonder tussenkomst van de rechtbank, omdat: (i) één van de partijen één van haar verplichtingen krachtens de distributieovereenkomst niet nakomt en er niet in slaagt om deze tekortkoming  te verhelpen binnen de tien (10) dagen volgend op de schriftelijke kennisgeving ervan, met dien verstande dat een dergelijke periode van tien (10) dagen niet wordt toegekend als de tekortkoming niet kan worden verholpen gezien de aard ervan, (ii) het imago van NMBS ernstig en opzettelijk geschaad werd,een van de partijen insolvabel wordt, failliet gaat of failliet wordt verklaard, (iv) een sekwester of curator wordt aangesteld voor een van de partijen of voor een substantieel deel van zijn activa, of (v) de garantie zoals gespecificeerd in Bijlage 3 van de distributieovereenkomst wordt ingetrokken, nietig is of om enig andere reden ongeldig wordt en dit niet binnen de tien (10) dagen door de Multimobiliteitsprovider verholpenDeze Overeenkomst wordt van rechtswege en zonder rechterlijke tussenkomst ontbonden in geval van herhaaldelijk frauduleus of onregelmatig gebruik van Vervoersbewijzen door de Contractant en zijn Personeel. Indien om technische of andere redenen Vervoersbewijzen worden uitgereikt, nadat NMBS de overeenkomst heeft beëindigd, mag uit die handelingen niet worden afgeleid dat NMBS van de verbreking zou afzien of de overeenkomst zou vernieuwen.

Artikel 10        
Toepasselijk recht – Geschillen
Het Belgisch recht is van toepassing op de Overeenkomst. De Partijen verbinden zich ertoe zich in te spannen om een geschil over de toepassing van de Overeenkomst in der minne te regelen. Bij gebrek aan een minnelijke oplossing zijn uitsluitend de Rechtbanken van Brussel bevoegd om te oordelen over het geschil.appendix 2 – commission fees chart Skipr fees to be paid (excl. VAT):

Skipr Application
Skipr App +CardSet-up fee
per Qualifying employee€10€10Monthly* usage fee for per Qualifying employee for amonthly subscription€10 (*)€15Yearly usage fee for perQualifying employee for a yearly subscription8€ /month paid once a year: €96(12€ /month paid once a year:€144)* the monthly usage fee is due in full for any started month, including the month during which a Qualifying employee registers to the Application, even if the registration does not take place the first day of the month, and the last month of use, even if it is not a complete month.(*) for Qualifying employees benefiting from Type 3 Skipr Budgets, this fee shall only bedue when the Qualifying employees made at least one booking on the Application during that month. appendix 3 – types of skipr budgetsThree forms of Skipr Budgets exist:
Type 1: without prejudice to Article 3.3.3, should a Qualifying employee benefit from a Type 1 Skipr Budget, said Skipr Budget shall correspond to a mobility budget pursuant to the law of 17 March 2019 regarding the introduction of a mobility
Type 2: without prejudice to Article 3.3.3, should a Qualifying employee benefit from a Type 2 Skipr Budget, said Skipr Budget shall be considered as part of the income of said Qualifying employee (for example set through a flexible income plan) designed by the Employer for said Qualifying
Type 3: without prejudice to Article 3.3.3, should a Qualifying employee benefit from a Type 3 Skipr Budget, said Skipr Budget can only be spent by said Qualifying employee for business travels and does therefore not consist as part of the income of said QualifyingType 1 and Type 2 Skipr Budgets shall be prepaid and therefore fully invoiced to the Employer on a periodical basis as further agreed upon between Skipr and the Employer. Type 3 Skipr Budgets shall be prepaid and therefore fully invoiced to the Employer on a periodical basis as further agreed upon between Skipr and the Employer when the Qualifying employee is using the Skipr Application in combination with the virtual or physical paymentShould Type 1 and Type 2 Skipr Budgets not be wholly spent by the concerned Qualifying employee on any given period, it shall be kept on said Qualifying employee Skipr Budget for the following period. At any time, the Employer can request Skipr to handle the remaining amount in a different way and both Parties shall further discuss how to doShould a Qualifying employee have access to the Application only (without a virtual or physical payment card) through a Type 3 Skipr Budget; this budget shall only be invoiced on a usage basis, meaning that the Employer shall receive a monthly invoice listing all Mobility Services booked by Qualifying employees having a Type 3 Skipr Budget during said month, it being understood that the Employer can decide to set a maximum spending limit per Qualifying

Skipr SA is registered by the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR, French body responsible for supervising the banks) as agent of Treezor SAS, headquartered at 41 rue de Prony, 75017 Paris - registered in France at Nanterre RCS (number 807 465 059), as electronic money institution approved by the ACPR under number 16798.