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The most complete professional mobility management solution.

All your mobility in one invoice, all VAT back in one click, all your trips without any hassle

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Get rid of your admin

One single invoice

Collecting all your mobility receipts is honestly a pain, right? We take care of that with one single monthly invoice.

VAT recoup details

Wether you use public transport, shared mobility or your own car, you'll be able to recoup VAT. The right rates for each of our integrated providers will be correctly detailed in your invoice.

One centralised payment solution

One single mobility payment card

With the Skipr payment card, you can pay for any mobility expense at any mobility provider. Pay and go with Skipr, find the expenses back in your single monthly invoice.

Everywhere in Belgium & Europe

All European and Belgian mobility providers are included!Travel any way you want, we've got your back.

Easily navigate the city

all-in-one app

No need to switch from one mobility app to another. Skipr has it all!

We'll give you the best results to mix & match all modes of transport to get you to your destination.

direct booking & reservations

Plan, book and pay all of your trips directly within the app.

On top of that, all information provided are real-time data.

Benefits for you

VAT Recoup

Claim it back with a VAT-detailed monthly invoice


No more wasting time managing receipts


Plan, book and manage all your mobility in one place


Go for any soft transport option proposed in the app

Peace of mind

Focus on what matters, Skipr takes care of the rest

The best mobility solution for freelancers

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a complementary self-employed, is Skipr good for me?

Of course! As long as you have a VAT number, you're good to go.

Can I use Skipr outside of Belgium?

A frequent traveler? Awesome! We're very excited to share our plans for the rest of Europe, but we have been sworn to secrecy by our investors. It's coming! Until then, enjoy traveling with the Skipr payment card.

I don't have a VAT number, can I still use Skipr?

We love that you want to try it out! The good news is that you can, right now. Yet you won't benefit from our payment and single invoicing. These features are only for VAT registered companies.

What can I do with my Skipr payment card?

The Skipr payment card allows you to pay for any mobility service in Europe that has not (yet) been integrated in the Skipr app: public & shared transport, fuel, and parking. Pay with the card, and you'll find all your trips & expenses in your personal portal. It's your final key to ultimate mobility freedom.

What if I want to block my payment card?

You can block your card at any moment in your dashboard. If you've lost your card or if it was stolen, please contact our Support team immediately with your name, company name and phone number.

I don’t see my favourite provider, why?

We want more providers too! As we build our collaborations, we'll bring more e-step, train, ride-hailing and ride-sharing providers. We just need to have long boring legal chats first.

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