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Planning your company's return to work?

  • How to prepare to come back to work
  • How to use mobility safely
  • Understanding which provider is operating and how
  • Current government regulations on travel

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Recent Mobility Updates

Find regular advice updates from our mobility partners
some recent updates
Mandatory use of Face masks
Required by Stib, Uber, SNCB
Limited Space & Distancing while moving
Imposed by TEC & DeLijn
Limited service
Affecting SNCB/NMBS, Eurostar, Thalys, TEC, DeLijn

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the latest mobility requirements?

Updates are being released daily, so it can be quite difficult to understand what to do. This is why speaking with one of our experts can help you. We have an article which is updated daily relating to mobility announcements.

What protection should I offer my staff?

Providing face masks and hand sanitiser are recommended for anyone traveling. Latex gloves also great.

Which mobility providers are still working?

Most providers are still working today, they might just have limited service. Our experts can fill you in on the latest updates regarding this.

Who can I contact to discuss return to work plans with?

Everyone at Skipr would be more than happy to help you out! Get in touch at and we'll get an expert over to you! We're happy to help!

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