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Your all-in-one mobility solution. Visit clients, go home or to work, see friends...

We take care if it all, so you can focus on what matters.

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Set and monitor trip expenses from a single platform.


One single monthly invoice for all our providers.


Plan routes, compare costs, and book tickets from one app.

cover every trip

No matter how you pay, we'll keep your expenses organized.
Being able to buy tickets directly in the app and have a centralised summary of my mobility expenses is really useful.

- Leslie -
Getting a single invoice for all my trips at the end of the month is pretty cool. Being able to use it to recoup my VAT even cooler!

- Karolien -
After a known shared car provider decided to leave town I was looking for an alternative. I love how Skipr enables me to see all of them at once!
- Julieta -

we help you go where you need to go

Take the train, metro, bus, car and more. Love your scooter? Go for it! Got a bike? Ride it with us! We'll give you the best results to mix & match all modes of transport. Cool, right?
  • In app ticket purchase
  • Direct booking  & reservations
  • Time‑saving results

we take care of all your admin

Moving around means lots of receipts, which honestly is a pain, right? Let alone the time to fill them with your accountant. We take care of that with one invoice, sent directly to your accountant. Let us help you get more time.
  • VAT overview and recoup
  • Expense categorisations
  • Integrated accounting connections

easily navigate the city

Take the train, metro, bus, car and more. Love your scooter? Go for it! Got a bike? Ride it with us! We'll give you the best results to mix & match all modes of transport. Cool, right?
  • Access to any provider
  • Physical or virtual card
  • Secured. Safe. Encrypted

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We believe that the best way to help you is to talk to real humans. Say Bonjour, Hello, Hallo - We're an international team ready to help you.

Don't hesitate to get in touch, feedback, comments, ideas, we're here to listen.

got questions? we have answers

  • How long will it take to implement the mobility budget?
  • The employer is flexible in setting up its mobility budget. If the employer all the pre-conditions in place, he can basically start tomorrow. Meaning he will first by communicating this possibility to the employees who then have the OPTION go getting on board of the mobility budget. It's a choice that the employee will make. And as soon the employee goes for it, they will calculate its TCO.
  • What is the biggest advantage to the mobility budget
  • There are a lot of benefits. It also depends on your objectives as employers. If you have strong CSR target then mobility budget is a good way of doing that. But there are also fiscal optimisation that you can do for yourself and for your employees.
  • what are the benefits of Skipr?
  • The benefit of using Skipr as management tool is to have easier traceability and accountability. The employer wants to make sure that all expenses done for mobility are well categorised under the mobility budget.For the mobility budget it is private usage. What you would typically spend on the corporate credit card is business expenses. So this tool will also to not mix appels and pears.
  • What is the price of Skipr?
  • For all commercial and pricing questions, you can contact us after the webinar and we can prepare an offer based on your company needs.
  • Can I use Skipr outside of Belgium?
  • A frequent traveler? Awesome! We're very excited to share our plans for the rest of Europe, but we have been sworn to secrecy by our investors. It's coming! Until then, enjoy traveling in Belgium.
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